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5 years ago...

  It's that time of the year again, where everything's falling, everything's dying, everything's changing...   Most people would say that Autumn is their favorite season of the year. Maybe for the lovely and warm colours it brings, yes... but : rain, wind, floods, decreasing daylight... how is that great ?   My favorite season ? Probably winter. Ironic, isn't it ? I'll talk about it later.  
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5 years ago...

  5 years ago... Pignouf ! I used to have a rabbit, for 3 years. Here is to you Pignouf ! :)   I remember he used to run around in my student room, and when somebody would knock at my door, he would follow me up to the door to see/smell who was there.. I remember also that he loved to piss on my bed... probably to piss me off !   You can see a video off him just below. One thing you should know about rabbits : they tend to jump in the air when they're happy ! It's so funny to watch :) Pignouf on the bed. by wiwi21
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5 years ago...

  Fumes from the countryside...   I can almost still smell the nasty scent out of this ! I took this picture up in the mountains of the Pyrénées, south of France. Nothing more natural than a manure smoking away in the field, bringing us back to our roots !
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5 years ago...

  Alright, 5 years ago, I kind of started to do a lot of self-portait pictures. Actually, it was more like a self-portait photoshoot every week... yes, I know, very desperate ! But I kind of liked it, and it went on for years ! I even created a gallery online. My friends were making fun of me, but I didn't care, and I'm glad I didn't ! because today, I have thousands of pictures that I can look back at, and it's interesting to see the evolution, the different styles, ... loads of memories !
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5 years ago... new project

  I'd like to get into projects I've been thinking about for quite some time. The most difficult is to do the first step. So here I go, first step of my first project : 5 years ago...    The concept is pretty simple : posting 1 pic taken 5 years ago exactly.   Here is the first pic : Cosy Kitty, shot with a Sony Ericsson V600i (camera phone).
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