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5 years ago... new project

  I'd like to get into projects I've been thinking about for quite some time. The most difficult is to do the first step. So here I go, first step of my first project : 5 years ago... 

  The concept is pretty simple : posting 1 pic taken 5 years ago exactly.

  Here is the first pic : Cosy Kitty, shot with a Sony Ericsson V600i (camera phone).


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  • ha cool idea, i don't know what i was doing 5 years ago... i know i had no camera though!

    Posted by louise, 06.08.11 à 15:22
  • I actually did not have a camera either at the time, but I already started to play with cameraphones... Can't wait to look for the next picture to post, it's exciting to scroll through past pictures on my library !

    Posted by Will, 06.08.11 à 18:03
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