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5 years ago...

  Alright, 5 years ago, I kind of started to do a lot of self-portait pictures. Actually, it was more like a self-portait photoshoot every week... yes, I know, very desperate ! But I kind of liked it, and it went on for years ! I even created a gallery online. My friends were making fun of me, but I didn't care, and I'm glad I didn't ! because today, I have thousands of pictures that I can look back at, and it's interesting to see the evolution, the different styles, ... loads of memories !


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  • Bravoooo !!!

    Hey Wiwi !
    Franchement elles vraiement tres bien tes photos !!! Serieux tu as vraiment bien fait de faire ce "photoshoot"
    On voit que deja des ton plus jeune age tu avais la classe...! Bizzz

    Posted by Elo, 12.08.11 à 18:21
  • Yep, I've always got it !

    Posted by Will, 12.08.11 à 18:49
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