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how to turn a pumpkin into a camera

How To Turn A Pumpkin Into A Camera from NPR on Vimeo.
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happy halloween

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picture of the week

  Libyan women and children wave National Transitional Council (NTC) flags as they celebrate in the streets of Tripoli following news of Moamer Kahdafi's capture on October 20, 2011. An NTC spokesman said Kadhafi has been killed by new regime forces in their final assault on the last pocket of resistance in his hometown Sirte.
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open house dublin 2011

  Open House Dublin is a perfect weekend to discover the best about Dublin's architecture history, it is Ireland's biggest Architecture Festival.   I missed it last year, so I was really looking forward to it last weekend : 2 days to get in all the buildings we want, for FREE !  Special thanks to Karine who joined me for this festival; we really had a good time running throughout the city to attend free tours and visit buildings.   What's next ? oh yeah, pics... (view more... 40+)
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picture of the week

  Fabulous pic from Gigi !   Thank you for allowing me to post it :)
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projects and ideas

  Well, one thing to say is that I haven't been very good with taking pictures lately...    To make it up a little bit, I decided to post projects I have been thinking about for a while. That way, I now feel the obligation to do it : - Dublin now and then (pictures of Dublin decades ago Vs now)- 5 years ago... (on going project)- 1 place, 4 seasons- 31/365 - 1 picture per day for a month/year (tough one ! maybe one day...)- 1 place, different angles (I will try to do this over a week time)- Night pub scenes... [Lire la suite]
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5 years ago...

  5 years ago... Pignouf ! I used to have a rabbit, for 3 years. Here is to you Pignouf ! :)   I remember he used to run around in my student room, and when somebody would knock at my door, he would follow me up to the door to see/smell who was there.. I remember also that he loved to piss on my bed... probably to piss me off !   You can see a video off him just below. One thing you should know about rabbits : they tend to jump in the air when they're happy ! It's so funny to watch :) Pignouf on the bed. by wiwi21
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