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5517695350_e2a5528735_m  Well, one thing to say is that I haven't been very good with taking pictures lately... 

  To make it up a little bit, I decided to post projects I have been thinking about for a while. That way, I now feel the obligation to do it :

- Dublin now and then (pictures of Dublin decades ago Vs now)
- 5 years ago... (on going project)
- 1 place, 4 seasons
- 31/365 - 1 picture per day for a month/year (tough one ! maybe one day...)
- 1 place, different angles (I will try to do this over a week time)
- Night pub scenes (Dublin's the best place fot that !) 

  Please, feel free to post your comments/ideas/projects that you'd have as well ! Maybe we could have a mutual project !!

  This is motivating already...!

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  • That 31/365 seems like a really cool idea. I think especially if you created a time lapse video out of the 365 option and took the photos at a different time each day. I might try something like this.

    Posted by PhotographyTalk, 11.10.11 à 20:19
  • Thks !

    Yeah, that's a great idea. Already thinking of places to shoot

    Posted by Will, 11.10.11 à 20:30
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