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5 years ago...

  Fumes from the countryside...   I can almost still smell the nasty scent out of this ! I took this picture up in the mountains of the Pyrénées, south of France. Nothing more natural than a manure smoking away in the field, bringing us back to our roots !
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picture of the week

  Indian youth make a human pyramid to reach and break the ‘Dahi Handi’, an earthen pot filled with yogurt, as they celebrate Janamashtami, the birth anniversary of Hindu God Krishna in Mumbai, India, August 22. (Rafiq Maqbool/Associated Press)
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picture of the week

  Nice shot of this red eye tree frog by Menno Dekker :
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5 years ago...

  Alright, 5 years ago, I kind of started to do a lot of self-portait pictures. Actually, it was more like a self-portait photoshoot every week... yes, I know, very desperate ! But I kind of liked it, and it went on for years ! I even created a gallery online. My friends were making fun of me, but I didn't care, and I'm glad I didn't ! because today, I have thousands of pictures that I can look back at, and it's interesting to see the evolution, the different styles, ... loads of memories !
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the camera that goes to 1m fps

    Vision Research, with their Phantom line of high-speed video cameras, has kind of outdone themselves this time with the Phantom v1610. A MILLION FPS. Imagine what people getting punched in the face would look like slowed down that much!   Truthfully, it probably wouldn't be that awesome. With high speed video, at some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. We all like seeing three seconds of jiggling Jell-O stretched out into a 30 second video, but think about it: three seconds of Jell-O shot at... [Lire la suite]
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streets ain't safe anymore

  The Zombie Walk is back !   What's the Zombie Walk ? A charity event happening in Dublin for the 2nd year. It brings hundreds of zombies in the streets, fundraising money for two Irish charities : RNLI and Irish Cancer Society.   Its success is obvious and the good mood is very present, a good day for everyone ! So whether you are a walking-dead or a just a watcher, check-out the Dublin Zombie Walk website and be part of the next march !  
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5 years ago... new project

  I'd like to get into projects I've been thinking about for quite some time. The most difficult is to do the first step. So here I go, first step of my first project : 5 years ago...    The concept is pretty simple : posting 1 pic taken 5 years ago exactly.   Here is the first pic : Cosy Kitty, shot with a Sony Ericsson V600i (camera phone).
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