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start line

canon_50d_400px  This is it, the start line of my little World.

  This blog-website aims to be a gallery where you will be able to see the World through my eyes and my thoughts. Photography is making moments last forever.

  My name is William St Martin, alias Kutoyx on the web. I ain't pretending to be a photographer, I just want to share pieces of my daily world with whomever is willing to take a moment to look at it, to judge it, to comment on it. Photos are nothing if they are not to be seen, explained or talked about.

  I just got my own proper camera, and I used to express myself through the "not that bad" lens of my cellphone Samsung Player Ultra, S8300. According to me, photograhy is way more than a good camera with a beautiful landscape or subject. Photography is an art : if it does not have a sense, a purpose or, as I like to call it, a soul, it is nothing.

  At Christmas this year 2010, I have been the lucky new owner of a Canon EOS 50D, with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm, f/3.5-5.6 IS and a EF-75-300mm, f/4-5.6 III USM lenses. This marks the start of this website, the start of my piece of World...

  Stay tuned !


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  • je suis passé par là

    encore du travail, mais de biens bonne choses déjà !!!

    Posted by Didier, 02.01.11 à 16:26
  • Tks !

    Merci, je vais mettre des photos dans les jours qui suivent par rapport à mon petit coup de vent sur Toulouse !
    N'hésites pas à me dire ce qui pourrait être amélioré/ajouté !

    Posted by Will, 02.01.11 à 21:34
  • fais attention à tes horizons... faut une ligne droite, sinon on verra au fur et à mesure...Bizz

    Posted by Didier, 03.01.11 à 08:39
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